Saturday, December 26, 2009

Obama falls short on earmarks pledge, fiscal hawks say

Fiscal hawks in Congress say President Barack Obama hasn't followed through on a pledge to lower federal spending on local projects.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Governor Rick Perry Proclaims April as Abortion Recovery Awareness Month

Governor Rick Perry agrees with Abortion Recovery InterNational and has proclaimed April as Abortion Recovery Awareness Month, in the great state of Texas. Just to think, Texas is where it all began!

We are honored that Governor Rick Perry is the first Governor to make this proclamation. Abortion Recovery InterNational would like to thank Governor Perry for his support and encouragement.

Thanks to each of you who have assisted us over the past five years bringing this very special month to the public's attention. We'd also like to thank Allen Parker for his introduction of this awareness opportunity to Governor Perry. This could not have happened without his involvement.

Click the link below to read Governor Perry's full proclamation! Governor Rick Perry

What is Abortion Recovery Awareness?

Webster defines "awareness" as having knowledge of something, especially of something not generally known or apparent. Some women personally become "aware" of abortion complications, the moment they get off the table. Men often become aware the second their girlfriend/wife rolls out of the operating room. However, most individuals usually don't become aware of the prospects for recovery until days, weeks or even years later. Abortion may hurts individuals and families.

Our goal is to enlighten society on that key issue. Recovery can restore lives, personally and throughout a family! That's what Abortion Recovery Awareness Month (ARAM) is all about.

Why Recovery is Important?

Abortion Recovery changes a person's life! Most abortion affective clients search out healing opportunities only when their pain becomes unbearable, they are triggered by something, or they are encouraged by a friend or family member to seek help. One of our goals at Abortion Recovery InterNational is to enlighten society by raising awareness of abortion and its aftermath. We also want to inform people of the recovery opportunities that are available world-wide.

So in early 2005, ARIN established APRIL as Abortion Recovery Awareness Month. ARAM has two key purposes, to: encourage and promote healing opportunities enlighten society to the aftermath of abortion on individuals and familiesAbortion Recovery Awareness Month is "secular-friendly." It is FREE of condemnation, judgments or negative connotations. It has no political agenda. Abortion Recovery Awareness Month is full of compassion, grace and forgiveness, resulting in help, healing and hope! A celebration and renewal of someone's life. Let's start by sharing those!

The opportunities are limitless! See our planned activities here: 2009 Calendar