Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just finished watching the special

I'm listening to the special on John McCain as I type, just don't have time to watch unfortunately. But I can hear it very well. I'd be surprised if they showed something new given the fact that we've been listening and reading about Senator McCain for the past two years, then before when he ran for President.

I didn't learn much that was new about Sarah Palin either. It was interesting seeing her PREGNANT all you ninny bloggers who tried to make her the grandmother of her latest little one rather than the mother.

Let's see, Trig was born April 18th. Bristol is 5 months pregnant. That would mean she must have gotten pregnant practically within minutes of giving birth to Trig.

Even though Mom was in the public eye, even though Bristol was in the public eye, these idiot bloggers have tried to turn it into something bizarre. How the mind of some people works is beyond the rational.

I am getting such a kick out of Democrats telling Sarah Palin she should be staying home with her children. Let me get something to clean out my ears and wipe my glasses. I can't be hearing and reading this from liberal women can I????

I call it vagina envy. These women can't stand it. The Republicans have picked a woman who can do it all and their guy wouldn't pick Hillary Clinton. He turned down a sure thing rather than pick a woman. If Obama loses I think history will point to the moment when he picked Joe Biden.

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