Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama + Bailout = Socialism

If this bailout goes through as crafted by Paulsen and Barack Obama wins on November 4th the slow path Democrats are taking toward socialism becomes a greased slide.

Once the government has their hooks into the free market America the Free becomes part of history.

I like what some of the Republicans are proposing much better than the full bailout. They talking points that are being used are good ones --- Main Street not Wall Street. I know that the two are intertwined and if Wall Street fails thus falls Main Street. However, there must be a way, there has to be a way, for Wall Street to pay for their own ills.

It's a huge issue and I'm glad John McCain and other Republicans have put the skids on the plan they tried to cram down our throats so we have the opportunity to examine it and try to find other options.

I seriously doubt they'll come up with something that will make me a happy camper.

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