Friday, October 3, 2008

Let's Elect John McCain and Sarah Palin!!!

Wasn't Sarah Palin super last night? I have read today's stories and listened as the media tried to figure out how they wanted to handle her. It is just like the day after her first speech - they haven't gotten their talking points yet so they're floundering and some are being honest and saying they thought she did great!

It's only going to take them a day or so at most to regroup and hear from the Democratic Party on how they're supposed to attack Sarah so enjoy today!

I am hoping normal Americans rise up and vote for our team of true mavericks and that they aren't as easily led as usual by all the insinuations and junk that is passed off as news. I like what Sean Hannity said about the death of the media. He is so right in that the true media has been co-opted and died a nasty death (he didn't say it that way, I extrapolated all that from his one comment ).

Here's today's campaign update email:


Millions of people across the country have joined the grassroots effort to elect John McCain and Sarah Palin as our next President and Vice President. Many of you have attended town hall meetings, rallies and other campaign events and want to know how you can help the McCain-Palin ticket.There are two ways you can help right now - making calls through our online phone bank and recruiting your friends and family to get involved in our campaign.

Make Phone Calls: With our online phone bank, it's never been easier to volunteer. If you can take 20 minutes out of your day today to make calls for the McCain-Palin campaign, you can make a big difference. Choose the state where you would like to make calls, use the call script on your computer screen, and record the results online. It's that simple.

Recruit Friends: This is going to be a close election. Some experts predict it will be one of the closest elections in our country's history. By spreading the word about your support for John McCain and Sarah Palin, you are directly helping our campaign expand our grassroots network of supporters.

Start recruiting your friends by following this link. Remember, you are the most persuasive spokesperson for John McCain and Sarah Palin to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

That's why I'm asking you to make calls and recruit your friends by telling them why you support McCain-Palin, and why they should too.

We appreciate all of your hard work.

Christian Ferry
Deputy Campaign Manager

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