Monday, October 20, 2008

Question to ask yourself...

Would you be voting for Barack Obama if he were 100% white instead of half-white (or half-black)?

I have so many black friends who have now said they can't express any dissatisfaction with Barack Obama openly for fear of reprisal.

What is that about?


Unfortunately race is a factor in this election and I don't think it's white prejudice, it's support for someone who calls himself black.

I am probably going to get hate mail or be shut down by blogger simply for raising the issue. It's a topic that can't be discussed openly. It's like the elephant in the room that everyone ignores.

If we've grown enough as a country to consider electing a black man or a white woman, why are we so scared of talking about race? Why is it that I'll probably be attacked simply for asking questions?

In America we seen to deal with things in a pendulum manner. We sweep from one side to the far, far other extreme, going back and forth until we settle comfortably in the middle I hope we'll hit the middle in my lifetime. I'm tired of having to pussyfoot around the topic.

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