Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Obama Elite

I'm going to rant. I am fed up with people who have Hollywood money, Obama money, media money, telling me I have to give up my hard earned pennies to support the causes THEY tell me are important.

I make a fraction of what Obama makes and I guarantee you that I give much more on a percentage basis. Mega ditto discrepancies when you compare what I earn (and work hard to earn) with the Madonnas, Brad Pitts and other pampered and worshiped butts.

If everyone in Hollywood gave up 1/4 of their earnings to feed the poor or fund health care, we'd solve the problem overnight. Unless the government managed the money, then we'd be in a bigger world of hurt. They'd build bridges to hospitals rather than take care of those in need.

I know some in Hollywood, the music industry and sports are giving quite a bit. However, when you really think about it, there's enough money in those three fields to clothe and feed the majority of the homeless, build houses for them and teach them job skills (or get them other help as I know from personal experience that a lot of them are mentally challenged).

Look at Joe Biden's record of giving. Pathetic.

Have you noticed that most conservatives add action to their words? They don't go out and stand with a sign protesting, they get off their tushes and adopt kids (like John and Cindy McCain), volunteer at hospitals, cut checks to charities and build houses for the needy. I'm not saying some liberal types don't do the same, but there's plenty of documentation and studies to show the huge disparity between the two groups. Republicans (using one conservative group) give 30% more than Democrats.

We're involved, we care, we give. I don't appreciate hearing Obama talk about spreading MY paltry wealth around. I assure you, he and Biden aren't planning on giving up one piece of pie to share with others.

Let them lead by example. If they want my wealth, lets see them give up a chunk of theirs and hand it over. If Obama has his way, we're going to see poverty rise like we've never seen it rise before. There will be lines for even the most lowly jobs and class disparity will be the norm. There will be the Obama-Elite and the rest of the country. He'll blame every negative action he has to take to get us to the place he wants to take us on George W. Bush. And the masses will swallow it.

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