Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christianity and Barack Obama

Just browsing through the Read My Lipstick Network blogs and two blogs from Barracuda Babes popped up that I found interesting. She wrote about Barack Obama, character, judgement, Christianity and a number of related subjects and touched on a lot of areas that sparked my little pea brain's thought process.

I decided to find out more about Barack Obama's Christian beliefs if I could, which I figured would be next to impossible given his penchant for hiding things of importance. But, but, but, I sputter, I was able to find out much, much, much.

Here be a grouping of YouTube comments right from the very mouth of Mr. Obama that will allow you to make your own decisions on whether he's a Christian or not. Ya gotta love YouTube, you can run, you can sneak, you can talk in private and it just doesn't matter if there's anyone else in the room. You're busted.

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awilliams said...

Thank you for bringing up a great point. Barack is just playing to another potential audience. In Parent's Magazine Barack and Michelle were questioned about church and Religion, they said, "It's a family acitivity." I think God should mean a little bit more than that to you... Read for yourself,.