Thursday, September 18, 2008

Moms to the Right and Moms 4 McCain

I read with interest's post this morning on the changing media, changing country and women having a voice.

Women are a powerful force in this country and around the world yet the media has a one-size-fits-all attitude toward this very important group.

I don't trust the media and don't trust the news I hear any longer. However, I don't necessarily trust a large portion of what I read on the blogs, either. After all, we are getting our news from where? our perceptions are being formed based on what? To some degree it is church, friends, and reading certain fact-based research, but we are still creatures of our culture.

Continuing to play devils-advocate with myself, I am also highly aware that there is a lot of news that never makes it to the so-called mainstream media's attention. They don't want to present news that doesn't fit their criteria and perception of the world.

Good news doesn't sell. Good news about the war in Iraq definitely doesn't help them paint the picture they want to paint.

We need the blogs and we need women. We need Sarah Palin.

As a result of Moms4McCain's blog that I read this morning I found Moms to the Right, another great blog.

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